SciFi Donuts' Story

More than a Mission

When Aliens visited earth nearly 4000 years ago, they brought with them a recipe for the best donut in the universe. Ancient civilizations keep this recipe hidden until the time was right to bring it forth so humans could join other species in the universe in enjoying the greatest donut ever created! From dusty, old scrolls to our modern bakery, SciFi Donuts now offers the recipe handed down all the way from ancient aliens. Or maybe we came up with it ourselves, either way, SciFi Donuts are "Baked, Frosted And Oh So Delicious!"

Before SciFi Donuts first opened for business at farmer's markets in 2015, our bakers spent countless hours perfecting the greatest donut in the universe! Hand crafted, fresh daily and something a little more interesting, yet grounded. Never frozen, never fried, never compromised, SciFi Donuts are simply the best donuts you'll ever have!

And we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner too!

Stop by our family friendly neighborhood cafe'
where people meet, have a conversation and
sit down to a gourmet donut and a stellar cup of coffee! 

At SciFi Donuts, our aim is to provide our customers with the finest donuts in the galaxy! Coffee that is out of this world and assorted pastries and bevarages to please every taste. It is a pleasure to serve donuts, coffee and the joy they can bring.

Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner  and Ice Cream!